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We met in film school, when our journey of hand crafted storytelling was just beginning. Through the years we've found our quirky selves on many adventures, still trying to find the fun and laughter in it all.
We believe in late night oreos (not sponsors, but really we should be), belly laughs with loved ones that make you lose it so hard the milk comes out of your nose, and working to make dreams a reality. 

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The first play I ever performed in was Alice in Wonderland. My dad had eyed a newspaper ad for a local children’s theatre production’s auditions, and I was super excited to try out. I still remember the rush of reading those lines and feeling the words tumble from my mouth in reverberating echo. I landed the lead role and was forever hooked on artistic storytelling.

Years later, when Paul and I started dating, I knew I had met someone who understood the rush of crafting a story. Whether it’s written word, visual imagery, performing arts, or one of the million other awesome ways to tell a story, that’s what we’re doing, one experience at a time.
Your experiences matter to us. You matter. You’re crafting your own adventure day by day and we’re so glad to get to help you document your journey!


My family. Sorry guys, I know this is super obvious, but I can’t leave off my people (and cat). Pop in our house on a given Sunday afternoon and you will most likely find us in a giant snuggle pile on the couch. I’m so glad we created offspring that loves to snuggle as much as we do.

Heather's favorites

1. My family 

All things Angela Lansbury (the woman is a gift to humankind). I was lucky enough to meet her once, and she did not disappoint. 

Heather's favorites

2. Angela Lansbury

I went to a school for performing arts, in college I was in an improv troupe, and now I’m in a local Richmond band called Sleepy Brother. I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb singing.

Heather's favorites

3. Performing

These can be mundane tasks like going to the grocery or big trips abroad. I live by the philosophy that adventure is actually all around us waiting to be enjoyed. We just have to create it!

Heather's favorites

4. Adventuring

People. Let’s hang, let’s chat, let’s go see a movie. I mean it.
Even if it's just hanging out on the couch sharing some oreos and swapping stories, I love me some friendship.

Heather's favorites

5. People



See Heather’s first statement about family. I love my family as well, it just falls under the category of chilling. I’m all for a weekend with my people and without errands and to-do lists to energize myself.

Paul's favorites

1. Hanging at home

If you want to root for winning teams, always root for Minnesota. Yeah, I know. Please don’t burst my bubble. I’ve been playing basketball with the same group of friends since elementary school. We might not be ready for the NBA yet, but we’re close...er than we were in elementary school.

Paul's favorites

2. The Timberwolves

You didn’t think I was really categorizing my family under hanging out, right? Now I’m categorizing hanging out under being with my family. Man, I love those ladies. The one I married, the one who has my forehead, and the one who’s fur seems to cover every inch of our house.

Paul's favorites

3. My Family

Aside from Turtle & Hare, I work at a pretty awesome video post house in the heart of downtown Richmond. And if I still need to find a creative outlet at the end of the day, I just photoshop Angela Lansbury’s face onto a bouquet of flower stems to give my wife the flowers she’s always dreamed of receiving.

Paul's favorites

4. Being Creative

I’m not picky, I’ll just take a yama cold brew, please.

Paul's favorites

5. Drinking Coffee



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