Cow Cousins!


One of the coolest kids around, my lovely cousin Hannah, visited us from Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. We all had so much while she was here! When we were deciding what we should do during her stay, Chik-Fil-A’s cow appreciation day came up. Being the silly, creative girls we are, we opted to make some fun cow costumes for Anna and Hannah.

After a long time in Michael’s Arts and Crafts (can anyone go in that store for a short trip?) we had our designs set! With some help from my mom, we made tulle tutus and painted cow print shirts. Ribbon, braided hair ears, and pink noses completed the ensembles. I have to say, they were the most adorable cows I’ve ever seen!

If you’re wondering if I also dressed up, I already owned an awesome cow pajama suit, so I wore that. While our free chicken sandwiches were delicious, we also made some a-moo-zing memories! So, of course we had to get some photos. Enjoy!

See the whole album here on Turtle & Hare Photography’s website:

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