A Murder, She Wrote Halloween with JB Fletcher // Turtle & Hare Photography


I know, I’m pretty far behind to just now be writing my Halloween blog post. Oh, well. I’m making it happen anyway. I knew I wanted Anna’s first Halloween to be memorable. I’ve got a limited number of years where I get to pick her costume for her, at least without persuasion. So, it didn’t take me long to decide a dedication to the great crime solver, Jessica Fletcher, was in order.

Friends, family, acquaintances, people I saw once in the grocery store, they all know that Angela Lansbury is my girl. When it comes to celebrities, she’s beyond my favorite. I’m trying to sound like my love for her is at a normal, healthy level. I think I’m failing. I won’t go into how I got to meet her once and it dwarfed any other measley thing on my bucket list.

Anyway, I had several outfit combinations in mind for this costume, and I think it came together nicely. The brooch, collared dress, cardigan, neck tie, and particularly the hat, really complete the ensemble. And of course, the book! Where would Jessica Fletcher be without her signature, title sequence font, and an ink pen should she need to quickly write bits of inspiration for her next novel masterpiece? Yes, a typewriter would have been better. I did actually order a miniature typewriter for this, but one day shipping sure isn’t what it used to be (I’m looking at you, Amazon). Want to create your own JB ensemble in mini sizes? Links are at the bottom!

Clothing items: Cloche , Cardigan , Shirt Dress , Brooch , Shoes , Neck Tie (vintage- thanks, Mom!)

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