Picking Spring Flowers // Richmond, Virginia Lifestyle Photographer


Spring is here, for a few days at least. Soaking up the sun, and unavoidably, the pollen as well, is number one priority for us! This time of year always reminds me of change and growth. From blooming flowers, to an ever changing and growing daughter, I’m grateful that we don’t stay the same. I’m not the same person I was when I graduated high school, gained a partner in life, or had a child. Heck, I’m probably different than I was a year ago, and hopefully that’s a good thing.

I’ve learned so much about what it means to be human and how to love others, even if that love is rather imperfect. More and more I see how empathy and encouragement are super powers for good. Loving isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary. What does this love look like? It’s responding in kindness when someone was rude or condescending. It’s putting someone else’s needs above my own. It’s giving myself grace when I fail or drop the ball.

I’m a work in progress and I’m thankful for daily opportunities to learn and grow (most of the time). Sometimes I just want to lay down and watch tv. Someone recently shared an awesome children’s book with me, “I am Human” by Susan Verde. It’s useful for teaching empathy and reminding all of us that we are connected in our humanity.

One my girl’s favorite things to do outside is pick “wishes,” also known as dandelion puffballs. She runs around, feverishly scooping up the wishes, sometimes secretly making a wish and sometimes loudly proclaiming it. One day she won’t do that anymore, and I’ll miss the awe and wonder those little white puffs held for her. Maybe growth starts with finding wonder where we are. I think I’ll go make a wish.


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