Libby Hill Family Summer Session


I’ve known Megan and Scott since the inception of my business. We met at church and became friends singing in the praise band. How awesome is it that I’ve been taking photos of their sweet babies since birth? I look forward to their session each year, preserving the growth, love and good time. Every time I see these little ones they are bigger and more fun!

For this session, we decided a park would be great for the kids to be able to run around. What better park than Libby Hill for that iconic Richmond skyline? There’s a reason Libby Hill is so popular for portraits; with the city on one side, the river on the other, the Church Hill location, and lush greenery, it’s hard to beat, especially at sunset. And sunset really is the ideal time to take advantage of the landscape. That summer sun peeks over the downtown buildings and reflects on the river with a warm glow. It’s magical and makes you remember being a kid and chasing fireflies in the moonlight.

There is a lot of love to go around in this family. Their session was full of jumps off of the fountain, racing up and down the hill, playing Ring Around the Rosie, hugs, and tickle fights. Perhaps I should try some of these prompts at my next engagement session and see what the results are. After all, sessions with me are supposed to be fun.

One of the best parts about sessions with kids is how one hundred percent real they keep it. We as adults talk about the tantrums and cries, but the laughter and smiles are just as big and deeply felt. Everything is new and big and bold. The authenticity is tangible. And my lens is there to capture it all.

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