Motherhood Stumpy Lake Session // Turtle & Hare Photography


Stumpy Lake is situated on the edge of Stumpy Lake Golf Course, with winding trails and a scenic overlook of the lake. This was my first time having a session at Stumpy Lake, and it did not disappoint. It was the perfect little spot for Brianna’s motherhood session. Sessions with toddlers are always better with little required walking, and Stumpy Lake provided convenience.

We were able to use a large grassy area, tall tree line, dock, view of the lake, and some cute little flower shrubs that were all very close together. I was glad to have brought an assistant for this session, with a little one on the dock.

Brianna glowed, with her sweet girl in arms and babe in her belly. Sweet girl was full of spunk and wanted very much wanted to run free and smell flowers. I mean, who can blame her? With that summer sun glistening on the lake, it was a temptation to dip in our toes.

Mamas often are busy documenting family memories, taking photos of tiny toes and growing kids, that they miss out on being in front of the camera, being part of the preserved collective family memory. My hope for motherhood sessions is that mamas can catch a glimpse of the love they hold for their babies reflected back in the laughter, twinkling eyes, or funny catch-the-baby moments captured in these photographs. Because babies don’t keep, and in a few years our memories are all we have left of those long days, tired nights, snuggles, warmth, and chubby cheeks.

One of my favorite parts of this session was the tiny oasis of flowers we found. Brianna snuggled with her daughter, reading a storybook together. And baby girl loved picking and smelling all of the pretty little yellow flowers she could. With sweet clients like this, sessions are so fun!

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