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Richmond Fall Family Portraits


These days…
Fluttering by like the flit of a hummingbird wing, beautiful and fleeting.
How do we capture the days?
The tiniest slice of a moment, the ones we might not even know are occurring until they add up into minutes, hours, snowball into days and years, waiting for us to inspect them in the mind’s eye, turning them over and extracting the scents, the light, the way we felt when we were with those people, in those places.
The way we feel being enveloped in love. The collection of moments goes on and on, composing the song of a lifetime.

I was excited to meet the Gordon family and explore the University of Richmond campus together. They arrived ready and lighthearted. The bubbly energy they embodied made this session so fun! Warm for early December, the crisp chill of the air was invigorating as we walked through the colorful campus. The sun was just beginning to set over the hilly terrain while the kids played and laughed together. The late fall foliage against the Richmond sky was bright and jovial, matching the dynamics of the family posed against the backdrop.

Family portrait sessions are casual and comfortable, consisting of a mixture of prompts meant to elicit candid interactions and natural posed portraits. It makes me so happy to see families enjoying each other’s company and having fun. I hope when folks walk away from a session they feel like they had a genuinely good time.

As I scroll through their images I see the love and joy these folks have for each other. I’m surely glad they took the time to meet with me and let me create art with their smiles and laughter.

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