What to Expect at Your Newborn Portrait Session


In home newborn portrait sessions are comfort – the comfort you feel when you smell a newborn’s head or wrap yourself in the coziest blanket. They’re a slice of life lived in a few hours, encapsulated for a lifetime. My favorite function of a newborn portrait session is storytelling. The story of a family, in their safe space, with all of its imperfect charm, filled with the love and warmth of the folks who live in it. I love being able to step into a family’s home and help tell that story through photographic art.

Now that’s the frosting on the cookie. Perhaps you’re wondering how we get there. Below I answer some frequently asked questions about the inner workings of newborn sessions. Here’s the recipe!

How long does a newborn session last?

Newborns live life at their own pace, so that’s the pace the session moves at. The aim is to keep baby comfortable and happy, and some of my favorite photographs have been taken when parents are simply caring for baby’s needs with a feed or a change. This means a session usually lasts between 2-3 hours and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

How should I prepare for the session?

The documentary style I work in means that however your home looks is perfect. It’s your home, your space and you being in that place is the story. When I arrive, I’ll take a peek around for areas in your home where natural light works best for our purposes. I also bring a light kit with me, and will utilize both to provide the best light conditions. There is no particular room needed. In fact, I’ve used many an unexpected dining room! I might rearrange some minor things, of course with your permission, and don’t worry, I’ll put everything back as it was!

What should we wear?

The story we’re telling is of you, living in your home together. Your clothing should reflect that. Clothing can be simple, comfortable. There’s no need for everyone to match, though choosing a color palette, and having everyone wear those tones can really help unify the imagery, bringing you together visually. Solids and simple patterns work well. Different textures are great too! If it all feels overwhelming, please don’t stress. When I arrive, I’m happy to provide guidance.

Baby can wear several outfits, always dependent on baby’s own comfort. Sometimes babies are super sleepy and content to be changed several times, and sometimes that is not the case. I’ll bring a few swaddles, and also work with fabrics you have to provide variety and a sentimental touch. Please feel free to pull out the blanket great-grandma made or any other sentimental items that are part of your family story.

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What do the finished portraits look like?

Here’s a recent newborn portrait session with the sweetest little guy, his parents, and best fur pals in their cozy home on a rainy winter day.

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