3 Reasons Elopements are Incredible


Before I dive into some of the reasons elopements are incredible, I do have to gush about the specific one featured here. During their celebration, Chris and Katy were so glamorous and effortlessly made their day feel like a classic Hollywood soiree. The elegant attire and impeccably designed home created an atmospheric panache, showcasing the tender love that was so evident upon their faces. Surrounded by only their closest family and friends, they exchanged vows under the vaulted ceiling upon which rain gently pattered. Vast windows offered a serene view of a calmly rippling lake. It was truly beautiful and a testament to who these two individuals are and what their story is together.

So, what constitutes an elopement wedding? It’s often used to describe couples who catch a red eye flight to Vegas or an exotic location to wed without anyone else in attendance. And those are examples of eloping, but in today’s terminology, an elopement can also just mean a very tiny wedding, with less than 20 people in attendance. 

Why choose an elopement? They offer a few advantages over larger celebrations. 

Firstly, they can be much more affordable. The cost for an average American wedding is now $28,000, depending on state and location. Having an elopement celebration can lower that price tag, allowing for smaller venue choices and less catering costs. This leaves more room in the budget for other expenses that might be important to you, personal touches that enable the day to reflect your story together. 

Secondly, having a small number of folks in attendance enables creative venue choices. Whether it’s a state park with a tree house or a historical library, having smaller spatial needs opens up a world of creative nuptial spots. Even a beach wedding is made simpler by having only closest family and friends there to witness your undying promises to one another. 

Thirdly, elopements lend themselves to an intimate atmosphere. When it’s just the two of you and those closest to you, your biggest supporters, the kind and loving atmosphere is palpable. Everyone is cheering you on, and you’re able to relax and enjoy the company. Less people means less logistical planning. This atmosphere is part of what makes photographing elopements so much fun for me. When a couple is relaxed, it shows on their faces. 

I love photographing love of all types, but the best is when a celebration of any size enables you, the couple celebrating to really be present in the moment, enjoying one another and the chapter you’re starting out together. It’s your story conveyed through laughter, love and art. 

Without further ado, here’s Chris and Katy’s simply lovely lakeside elopement.

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