A Twist on Wedding Traditions


Wedding traditions are deeply embedded in cultural norms across the globe. They can feel deeply meaningful, lighthearted and fun, or rigid and old fashioned. It might even feel overwhelming to navigate which traditions to include in or exclude from your celebration. 

The beauty of planning your own wedding is that it entirely belongs to you. There are many creative ways to put your own twist on wedding traditions, to meaningfully include the customs that matter to you.

One tradition that continues to evolve is the “first look.” Traditionally, a couple would not see one another on the day of the ceremony before walking down the aisle. Another option that has become popular in recent years is to set a time to see one another before the ceremony, a reveal of sorts. Some couples add their own twist on this, either by holding hands around a door without actually seeing one another or having reveals with other loved ones. 

Kaitlin and Bryan had such a fun first look by having Kaitlin get ready alone and then reveal herself to the wedding party, or “house party” as they call it. (What a fun name right?) Once her sister and friends had seen her, she and Bryan had a private first look for themselves. 

The joy for me is witnessing the expression of love and commitment in a variety of new, creative, fun, and traditional ways. The intricate weaving of two lives into a new, colorful tapestry is the real celebration, no matter the format for the day. 

Here is a glimpse of Kaitlin and Bryan’s beautiful tapestry set against the gorgeous backdrop of Hollyfield Manor, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. 

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